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We open, supply and install a wide range of safes and key cabinets including Chubb, Gunnebo, Churchill, Rosengrens, Secureline, Phoenix, Dudley, GB, Onyx, Burg Wachter, and Alpha Safes amongst others.

Safes can be used to store, data, documents, valuables, and or cash. In choosing a safe you need to consider this and a number of other issues:

Value of items to be stored: Safes normally have a cash rating which goes from £1000 to £100,000. This means the safe is insured to hold cash up to that rating. Valuables such as jewellery are insured for 10 times the cash rating. So a £6000 cash rated safe is insured for up to £60,000 of jewellery.

Size of items: This will determine the minimum internal dimensions of the safe.

Type of item: Do you need to store data media, cash, valuables, documents or a mixture and if so do you require fire protection.

Location: Do you want a wall safe, under floor or free standing safe and is your chosen place suitable, e.g. is it a solid floor or wall for fixing to, will the door open freely, will it be obvious to visitors.

Locking options: You can specify a key lock, a mechanical dial, an electronic lock, time delay biometric lock, or a mixture of these together with advanced features such as ‘time delay’ or ‘audit trail’.

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