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Access Control systems, are an alternative to standard key systems, that can be fitted in several differing applications. There are 2 types of access control, mechanical, and electronic, that can range from simple systems to very large complex systems. A familiar application of an access control is the entry phone system, common on flats, where entry to a door is offered by the use of a phone.

For larger business there is often a need to know where employees are, incase of fire or emergency, an access control system can be connected to a networked PC which records peoples movements via the information it recieves from the swipe readers, finger print scanners etc... that control access to a building. This data when a fire alarm is tripped can then easily be obtained via a computer printout, ensuring employee safety.

These are just a few of the many varied roles of an access control system. Please ring us on 07799 887 535 for more information.

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